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VAS 892 007A Body Shop Bay | PROFESSIONAL -932264

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ASE 892 007 81 000

With our Body Shop Bay, you are ideally equipped for the repair of vehicles in mixed construction and can easily comply with safety requirements. The work area is separated from the surrounding area by a specially coated welding protection curtain. The green lamella ensures that uninvolved people are optimally protected from the dangers of welding. The curtain and an LED light system are attached to a high-quality aluminum crossbeam system. The LED lighting system ensures optimum lighting conditions and is also characterized by high energy efficiency and robustness. The compressed air and energy supply is provided by two permanently installed, stationary media supply units with robust rubber housings. The scope of delivery of the PROFI version also includes an extraction system for aluminum/CFRP,

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Product information “VAS 892 007A Body Shop Bay | PROFI”
Dimensions: 8 mx 6 mx 3.5 m

Note: The dimensions for the truss construction and the length of the protective curtains may vary due to the actual building conditions. The adjustment/configuration is done in 1m per unit.

net weight: 0.00
Gross weight: 17.50

1 x aluminum truss carrier system with 4 supports
1 x LED light system | VAS 6777A/2
2 x welding protection curtain with visual protection insert | VAS 6777A/5
1 x extraction system aluminium/CFRP with spark trap | VAS 6572A/2
1 x extraction arm | VAS 6571A/1-1
1 x steel extraction system | VAS 6571A/1
1 x welding fume extraction | VAS 892003A
1 x mobile workshop tray | VAS 6760A
2 x stationary media supply | VAS 6777A/3