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Welding Machine InvertaPuls IP 6-2 ACT | 3x400 V ( 331007)

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MIG-MAG Welding / Aluminium Welding

01327 300700

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nverter MIG-MAG welder for the car body repairs with ACT = Automotive Cold Transfer*

Steel - MIG-Brazing - Aluminum - TIG. 2 torches mean 2 wire spools to use in 1 machine, outstanding in thin sheet metal + MIG-brazing., just need to select material thickness - very userfriendly, Aluminum welding charact. acc. to OEM specifications.

A welding machine perfectly designed for car body works.

Also availabale in 3x220 Volt Version (item N° 332007)

tested and approved by:
Honda | Acura | Jaguar Land Rover | GM | GMC | Opel | Vauxhall | Cadillac | Buick | Chevrolet | Ford | Peugeot | Citroën | Renault | Dacia | Tesla

recommended by:
Mercedes-Benz* | Maybach* | Smart

*differentiation in look (colour, lableing etc.) and scope of delivery

Item N°: 331007

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Certificatons: CE
Fuse: 16A
Protecton category: IP23
LängexBreitexHöhe: 920x350x740 mm
Working temperature: -10°C...+40°C
Supply voltage: 3~400 V (+/-10%)
Power supply (Cu): 4x2,5 mm²
Power factor: 0,7
Temperature range: -40°C...+80°C
Open-circuit voltage: 82V (MIG)
Efficiency: 85%
Net weight: 73.50, 69 kg
Specifics: Freigabe: Daimler, TESLA
Gross weight: 73,500 kg

2x set of wire feed rolls for steel 0,8 / 1,0 mm,
1x set of wire feed rolls for alu 1,0 / 1,2 mm
1x G3 torch 3 m blue, for steel welding
1x G3 torch 3 m black, for aluminum + brazing
1x earth cable + earth clamp
1x T-valve
1x manual