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Window disassembly system Roll Out 2000 (842010)

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Window disassembly system for all glued vehicle windows. Only one fitter is required for use. Damage to the paint is avoided, so that no repairs have to be made. A minimum tolerance between the window and the body is no problem! No power source/battery is required.

Low use of aids – Low costs – Easy handling

Can be used with wire and cord

Tested and approved by:
VW* | Audi* | Porsche* | SEAT* | ŠKODA* | Lamborghini* | Bentley* | Bugatti* | Tesla* | Ford* | GM | GMC | Opel | Vauxhall | Cadillac | Buick | Chevrolet | Toyota | Lexus | Nio

Recommended by:
BMW* | MINI* | Rolls-Royce*

*Distinction in appearance (color, lettering, etc.) and scope of delivery

Technical equivalent VAS 6452


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The adhesive is cut with a round wire. With a stronger adhesive seam, the “Power Slide” (rolling wire from one coil to another) can be used. As a result, the wire and the adhesive seam are heated a little and can be easily triggered.

• optimal cutting angle
• very easy installation of the cutting wire in all areas
• material costs for a windscreen (car): approx.0.50 €
• use for cars, vans and trucks
• no other tools requiredNote

: When using a cordless screwdriver, the risk of tearing off the cord or wire in a body obstacle due to the greatly reduced tractive force control is very high.

Specifics: OEM Approval
Packing unit: 1 set
Net weight: 7.70, 6.85, 6.80
Gross weight: 7,700 kg, 6.90

1x parabolic chisel
1x retractable awl
1x single coil
1x double coil
1x goggles
1x cutting wire, Ø 0.75mm x 340 m
1x protective gloves
1x tool bag
2x mounting wedge
1x switching ratchet
1x protective stencils (2 pieces)
1x extension 75 mm
1x needle set
1x transport case
1x repair instructions (also in foreign languages)