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Power unit + control board: the GT automatic recognizes and measures the sheet metal configuration automatically. The parameters pressure-amperage-time are perfectly and automatically managed and regulated working in Automatic mode no need for manual settings.
Manuel Mode – Expert Mode – Program-Saving-Mode – OEM programs – self-programming via frontboard
HF-inverter-technology / 10.000 Hz – welding current up to 13.000 A (on the job) – C-inverter transformer gun
c-gun in compact design – electrode arms versatile in use – welding cable up to 5m – water cooling up to the tips – magnet field exposure and stress far the norms (EU-Richtlinie 2004/40/CE, EN50505, EN62135-2:2007 und BGV V11/2001) – welding data saved on SD card – tracability up to 100.000 welds- paper print out
Operation: simply, multi-lingual menu – updates via SD card – via internet possible – universal programs and professional programs