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IRT Powercure Arch (800410)

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800410 Single / 800490 Double


The IRT PowerCure is a perfect solution for a very fast, energy saving way of paint booth curing. The IRT PowerCure will only heat and cure the selected panels of the car and will keep track of position and status of the curing process, turning on and off the individual lamps in a fraction of a second, to only use the energy needed for the curing job.

The IRT PowerCure will return the car in the shortest possible time, with a minimum of energy used, and will give you a fast payback on investment.

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The IRT PowerCure is a very fast and energy efficient way of curing paint.

TIME SAVING - The specific areas to be cured are selected and the IRT PowerCure automatically moves to the right position corresponding to these selected panels. The front and the back of the vehicle are easily cured as the wings can be angled towards the painted surface. The shape and positioning of the reflectors give an even heat distribution. In addition, the vehicle and also loose parts can be cured in the same drying cycle thanks to the intelligent software technology.

INTELLIGENT SOFTWARE -The control equipment includes sensors and micro­processors which register and regulate power output, speed, distance and times. It adapts to different paint materials, as well as the size and shape of the car. Effective heating of selected zones is adjusted by means of a laser distance sensor and pyrometer.

EFFICIENT CURING - Curing times - Bonnet Base coat - approximately 4 minutes; Bonnet Clear coat - approximately 7 minutes; Door Base coat - approximately 3 minutes; Door Clear coat - approximately 5 minutes.
LONG LAMPLIFE Advanced ventilation adds to IRT lamp life cycle, >20,000 working hours lamp life

Installed power 54kW / 63A (20 lamps at 3kW less 6 kW supply voltage compensation)
Voltage 400V, 3Phase
Frequency 50-60 Hz