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DIGITAL ADAS: RADAR AND CAMERA CALIBRATION KIT Diagnosis and calibration of driver assistance systems

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Key Benefits:

 Generate your Own Profit Stream from the fast growing ADAS market

  • TEXA`s excellent “Digital” solution Comprehensively Covers all Major Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Complete Diagnostic Tool that can be used for both ADAS and Other Diagnostics on the Vehicle
  • Very Easy to Use Software— provides an easy-to-follow process for both Diagnostics and Calibrations
  • Uses Autodata, Vehicle Database
  • Fast and Accurate, and includes a Positioning Mat
  • Software Updates and Support Provided
  • Customise your TEXA Package – to meet your specific needs
  • Will provide a Fast Payback on Investment!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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TEXA helps repair professionals operate on these sophisticated active safety devices, with a complete multi-brand offer that includes:

RCCS 3 BT (Radar and Camera Calibration System 3) available in two versions
CCS (Camera Calibration System)
A large availability of specific panels and accessories
Specialised training

TEXA’s solutions allow performing static and dynamic calibration and assure the correct reset of the ADAS,
guaranteeing safety for the driver and for who performs the diagnosis and calibrations.