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Airpuller AP95 | InvertaSpot GT C-gun (351002)

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Perfect and process safe removal of dings and dents on car bodies. Version to connect on to InvertaSpot GT c-gun.

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With the Airpuller AP 95 you can do all the dent repairs from the outside in a fraction of the time that is normally needed when using existing tools. For example: on Hail damage, little dents, on double-sided car body areas and for panel shrinking.

Even panel shrinking of so-called "High spots" is no problem with the Airpuller. The AP95 system sets standards in ease of use without making compromises in cost.

Simple to use to removing long scratches and scrapes on the side panels of cars. From now on, firtghtening hail damage on car roofs caon be removed without any problem. You will not have to spend time an ex-pensive preparations or an removing the inside trimmings.

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Working pressure: 6-8 bar
Net weight: 1,800 kg, 5.35
Vibration: 4 mm
Dimensions: 190x80x170 mm
Noise level: 66 dB(A) DIN45635

Packing unit: 1 pc. incl. earth cable