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CBR 2109 Putty for Aluminium and Steel Panels (542040)

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Car Body Repair recommended by Ford

CBR 2109 is a unique 2-component epoxy-based solder substitute used to restore metal surfaces of steel or aluminium. Formulated for final modelling of repulled dents or weld seams.

Recommended applications:
• Car body repairs
• Gap fi lling material
• Metal bonding
• Carrier system for automotive paints

• Good adhesion to aluminum, steel and zinc
• Very low shrinkage after full cure
• Perfect machining properties after curing
• Good adhesion to automotive paints
• Cures at room temperature
• Easy handling (sanding and planing)

Tested and recommended by:
Ford | Aston Martin

  •  542040

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Product information “CBR 2109 Putty for Aluminium and Steel Panels”
The mineral fi lled putty (no contact corrosion) has been developed specially as substitute for tinning and for fi lling the areas of joints and seams. A quick curing time (less than 60 min. in conjunction with additional heat source) and an easy grindability allow a costeffective application during the repair process. CBR 2109 comes in a dual cartridge and a static mixer. This avoids mixing variance and guaranties consistent quality.

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Net weight: 0.60
Content: 200 ml
Specifics: Ford approval
Gross weight: 0,600 kg

1 x CBR 2109 cartridge 200 ml
3 x CBR 2109 mixing nozzles