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CuSi3 MIG-Brazing Wire | D200 | Ø1.0 mm | 5 kg (311071)

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Inert Gas Welding Machines – IM 240-i / Inverta Puls

Welding wire on D-200 plastic roll made of copper-silicon alloy with low melting point for TIG or MIG welding (soldering) of galvanized steel sheets in body construction. The corrosion protection of galvanized surfaces is largely retained.

Applicable shielding gases (EN ISO 14175) TIG: Argon I1, MIG: Argon I1, I3

Note: Suitable for InvertaPuls IP 6-2 welding machines

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Product information “CuSi3 MIG-Brazing Wire | D200 | Ø1.0 mm | 5 kg”

Preheating the base material is usually not necessary. Do not keep the weld pool too wide. Pay attention to low heat input; when using MIG welding using the short arc/pulse process, use as much weld metal as possible when using TIG welding.

Base materials – Galvanized steel sheets and similar copper-silicon and copper-manganese alloys.

Diameter: 1,0 mm
Net weight: 5.27, 5,000 kg
Gross weight: 5.27, 5,270 kg
Packing unit: 5 kg
Material: CuSi3
Specifics: D-200 role