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FlexiTherm Multi-Heatpad System (701000)

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The FlexiTherm system uses heat pads, sensors and built in timer, to ensure that adhesives and fillers are cured quickly and efficiently at the correct time and temperature settings. .

The FlexiTherm system comes pre-loaded programmes, but it can also be programmed with custom settings as required. It is very easy to set up and once the programme has commenced then it can be left by the technician to carry on with other jobs.

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The Multi-Pad heat curing system has been designed by Wielander & Schill, to ensure that panel bonding glue and gap filler is fully cured very quickly, to really speed up the repair process and avoid joint sinkage.

• Very simple to set up and use • Ensures full curing very fast • Guaranteed time saving • Energy saving and cost saving • Pre-set parameters (OEM) • Self programming easily • Updates any time via internet • Not harmful, no excessive heat • Recommended by BMW and Aston Martin


tested and approved by:
Ford* | Aston Martin*pecifics: OEM Approval
Supply voltage: 100-240 V, 230V (110V)
Certificatons: CE / UL-certification, CE
Lenght: 1,9 m (power cable), 1,9 m (Netzkabel
Insulation test: 4 kV
Temperature range: 20-100 C°
Leistungsaufnahme: 360 VA max.
Temperature class: 1
Working temperature: -10°C to + 50°C
Output: 25V/110W (heater pad)
Gross weight: 7.70, 7,700 kg
Material: Sheet steel housing powder-coated
Protecton category: IP 20
Net weight: 7.70
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Packing unit: 1 set

recommended by:
BMW* | MINI* | Rolls-Royce*

1 control unit 220/240 Volt
3 heating pads
20 magnets
10 sheets of anti adhesive paper
1 CD (software and manual)
1 USB-cable
1 adhesive tape (25 m)
1 Manual
1 tranport case