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MWM Hot Glue Multipads Kit for Dent Repair (31350) Incl. Compact Puller (802599)

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The Hot Glue Multi-Pad Dent Repair System is a great addition to your steel and aluminium dent repair systems, as it provides a fast, “no damage” repair system, providing excellent results, that is safe to use for paintless dent repair and also on electric vehicles.

The Multipads are manufactured in 5 different versions (small, medium, wide, conical and spherical) and are supplied both individually and in a complete kit.

Package includes a Compact Puller (802599)


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A new and revolutionary multipads ® multiple suction cups – to be glued to the bodywork using the special hot-glue developed by MWM after extensive testing. MWM patented multiple bodywork suction cups are used for bodywork repairs, but unlike the individual suction cups used to repair hail damage, they enable a much larger portion of metalwork to be “pulled” and repaired.

Features and Benefits:
i. Will ensure “No Damage” to the paint for paintless dent repair
ii. Safe to Use on Electric Vehicles
• as no welding of pins/studs onto panels, that can cause corrosion and warranty issues
• as do not need to disconnect the Electric Battery
iii. Time Saving of Electric Battery disconnection and re-connection
iv. Very Fast and Easy to Use
v. Very Cost Effective repair method.

The kit.
MWM has prepared a complete kit – The Kit Glue Multipads Art. 31350 – comprising:
• 15 Multiple suction cups in 5 different versions and in 3 different sizes
• 15 Sticks of hot-glue
• 1 Hot-glue gun
• 2 Suction cup hooking bolts
• 1 Glue removal spray
• 1 Suction cup removal spatula
• 1 polypropylene case
1 x Compact Puller (802599)