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IRT UV Spotcure2 (800901)

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Powerful, temperature regulated ventilation – built to last
Uniform light intensity
Advanced overheating protection
User comfort with grip ribs and membrane display
DIY exchangeable power cord
Filter replacement indicator
User preference memory function
Operational safety with third party certification
Multi-function timer display guides the way
Ergonomic design – for a healthier work environment


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132 high-power LED
Individual optics on each LED
Temperature regulated ventilation
Reliable curing results, built to last

More light intensity over a larger surface
Cures Ø 30 cm (12”) in 20 seconds
Cures Ø 70 cm (27.5”) in a minute
Cures Ø 100 cm (39.4”) in 2 minutes
(Average curing times for a selection of UV Fillers available on the market. Details for specific UV activated materials are individual and can vary.)

Multifunction timer display
Press and go, saves your last settings
Ergonomic grip
Light-weight stand (optional)

Packing unit: 1 pc