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Mini Fix Stapler (ART.HST-01/MINI)

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Ideal for repairing and renovation of damaged bumpers in a very easy and fast way.

You can easy repair: car bumpers, plastic parts like bulbs holder, engine parts support or interior parts etc


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The tool works with metal staples that are inserted inside the plastic while heat is generated by the transformer. In this way, the damaged parts are welded together in a lasting manner, thus avoiding the expensive replacement of the piece.

Design : portable handheld.

IEC60309 Electrical connection
16 Amp
230V/1PH 50/60Hz
IP 21 Degree of protection
250 cm Heating gun cable
0.7 KG
17x9x8h cm
16x37x16h cm

Compact hot staple gun
Power unit
Power cable
Usable with corner flat wave staples (not provided)
Heating gun cable (2.5 m)