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Mobile Vacuum System – Type Aluminium (881090)

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for Professional Workbay Systems | Dust Class M

Vacc system “aluminium”: Portable vacc system for aluminium and plastic dusts classification “M” as well as welding fume. Explosion-proof enclosure according to ATEX II 3D suitable for Zone 22. Including safety system to protect the intake from hot sparks, a 5 m flow-calming section, as well as adaptors to connect grinding tools and an accessory pack for cars.

Tested and confirmed by TÜV Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

Note: Item supplied without welding fumes telescop arm – item N° 881092

  •  881090

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Product information "Mobile Vacuum System - Type Aluminium"
Important notice for fine dust of aluminum
• Physical: Aluminum dust is flammable or even explosive, depending of the concentration and the size of the particles.
• Chemical: Aluminum dust + water produces flammable or explosive hydrogen gas.
• Chemical: Aluminum dust + rust from steel may produce heat.
• Chemical: Aluminum dust + rust from steel + strong ignition source can cause a thermite reaction that burns with a temperature of 2.400 °C and cannot become extinguished with water!
• Recycling: Aluminum dust is a hazardous material and must become recycled in accordance of the local rules and regulations.

Packing unit: 1
Working pressure: Negative Pressure max.
Output: 2,2 kw
Frequency: 50 Hz
Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V
Net weight: 145.00
Certificatons: gem 2006/42/EG
Gross weight: 140.00
LängexBreitexHöhe: 1150x800x1500

1 × Mobiler Industriesauger mit schwarzer Haube
Filterklasse M | Zone 22 | CE 400V 16A
1 × Funkenfalle (montiert)
1 × Schlauch Kunststoff Ø 50 mm | 5 m mit Storz C Kupplung
1 × Schlauch Kunststoff Ø 40 mm | 5 m mit Storz C Kupplung
1 × Schlauch Kunststoff Ø 50 mm | 5 m mit Druckpin
1 × Übergang Ø 50 mm Storz C Kupplung auf Druckpin
1 × Gebogenes Handrohr Ø 50 mm
1 × Handrohr Edelstahl Ø 50 mm | 1 m
1 × Bodenmundstück Alugusskörper | 50 cm breit
1 × Fugendüse | 30cm lang
1 × Halter Absaugarm

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