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VAS 892 003A | Welding fume extraction system – 932282

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ASE 892 005 81000

The filter system serves to extract and filter air containing harmful substances (according to the intended use). In the filter section of the system, the coarse dust particles are first separated at the pre-filter mat. The subsequent particle filter also cleans the fine smoke and dust. An automatic filter monitoring system indicates when it is necessary to clean or change the filters.

The cleaned air is returned to the working room. For the application “adhesive fumes” an activated carbon filter is additionally used, which binds gases and unpleasant odours.

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Product information “VAS 892 003A | Welding fume extraction system”

Netzanschluss: 400V (16A)
Leistung: 2,2 kW
Vorfilter: M5
Partikelfilter: H13
Luftleistung: 3500 m³/h
Schalldruckpegel: 73 db(A)
Unterdruck: 250 mbar

Net weight: 0.00, 130 kg, 210.00
Output: 2,2 kw
Gross weight: 17.50, 224,00
Packing unit: 1 Stück | pc.
Certificatons: CE | UL
Air consumption: 3500 m³/h
Noise level: 72 db(A)
Working temperature: +5 bis 35 °C
Frequency: 50 Hz | 60 Hz
Supply voltage: 400 V | 220 V
Protecton category: IP54

1 × Filteranlage Typ SF II IFA
2 × Schlaucharm 3 m
1 × Netzkabel 5 m