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Combi Nitrogen Plastic Welder with Generator (31876)

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Plastic welder with its own Nitrogen generator, that eliminates the need for a nitrogen gas bottle.

Workshop compressed air is used to maintain consistent temperature between welds — the nitrogen is only activated when pulling the trigger so that it’s not wasted between welds. Makes repairs that are stronger than any two-part epoxy or hot air weld. The plastics are melted together, with no oxidation, to form the strongest possible weld.

  • Compatible with almost every plastic type used in the automotive industry.
  • Has it’s own nitrogen generator which eliminates the need for a gas bottle.
  • Allows the welding of filler material by heating with nitrogen.
  • The welder comes complete with a set of plastic consumables including a scraper & roller to finalise the repair.
  • Heats plastic without combustion & therefore without emitting fumes: 230v, 50Hz, 1600w, 20-650°C. Made in Italy.


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230V Voltage
50/60 Hz Frequency
210W Plastic Welder Power
6-8 Var Input Air Pressue
15-10 l/min Output Nitrogen Flux

1 x 3185600 Combi Nitrogen Plastic Welder
1 x 3187000 Combi Gun Protection Kit
1 x 3185601 Combi Mobile Kit
1 x 31815 Scraper
1 x 31814 Metal Roller for Plastic Surface Levelling