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Powerbird riveting gun | 220 V | BMW version – BMWA9500739

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Work independently of cables and hoses – guarantees flexibility and speed in the workshop.
Scratches on high-quality surfaces are a thing of the past.

For high-strength blind rivets up to 1,200 N/mm²

BMW Part N° 81 43 0 301 744

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BMW | MINI | Rolls-Royce

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Product information “Powerbird riveting gun | 220 V | BMW version”

• good price-performance ratio
• large working range
• short processing times


• Setting force: 14.000N
• Drive: 12-volt direct current motor
• Working stroke: 20 mm


• Balanced centre of gravity, one hand-friendly handle
guarantees fatigue-free working.

• Disposal of the torn mandrels by gravity – forward through
the mouthpiece or to the rear, into the collection container.

• Autoreverse function – saves energy and increases comfort.

• Interchangeable mouthpieces and mounting wrenches are
always on hand – no compulsory breaks

• Compact, impact-resistant housing for all conditions of use

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Certificatons: CE
Traction / Press force: 13.000 N (setting force), 14.000 N (Setzkraft)
Net weight: 2,200 kg, 4.80
Specifics: Battery powered
Gross weight: 4.80
LängexBreitexHöhe: 265 mm
Stroke: 20 mm
Supply voltage: 230V

1x Powerbird
1x Li-Ion charger 230V 1ph
2x Li-Ion power battery 14,4 V
1x Clamping mechanism BSP 03 (mounted)
1x Clamping mechanism Powerbird in steel sleeve
1x Mouthpiece Ø14 mm (mounted)
1x Mouthpiece Ø10 mm
1x Mouthpiece 17/45 mm Powerbird/Taurus