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Ravaglioli 8 CCD Sensor Wheel Aligner (RAV.TD2WF.701350)

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A New Wheel Alignment Concept

The wheel aligner system RAVTD2.0WIFI is a new conception of CCD technology. Totally PC-free, data are transmitted between the sensors and a compatible latest generation Bluetooth tablet. The measuring heads and their support are designed to adapt to all types of workshop.

  • Complete control of operations: the operator can monitor the wheel alignment operations with a tablet easy to position on the lift
  • Space-saving design: alignment operations are performed in total freedom without space occupied by a console, a data transfer tower or a PC
  • Bluetooth connection: the sensors and tablet fully communicate via compatible Bluetooth connection
  • Package Includes: S110A7 Turnplates, SRDA131 Claws for VW & STDA143 Wheel Clamp Plastic Fingers

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Compact and lightweight measuring heads
Short installation time
Hi-tech design
Compact and lightweight measuring heads
Tablet extremely lightweight but boasting an attractive design long lifetime
Dust- and water-resistant (IP52)
Fall-resistant up to 76 cm
64 GB of memory
Display 800 x 1280
Complete with adhesive magnets
Rounded edges to ensure greater sturdiness
2 MP front camera + 5 MP rear camera
Weighs less than 700 g
Software totally rewritten for Android with updated graphics, animations and adjustment aids so work is rapid and effective

10″ multi-touch 800 x 1280 tablet complete with adhesive magnets
8 CCD sensors with bearings, encoder rapid charging sockets
2 wall-mounted panels with recharging for the measuring heads, and USB charging port for the tablet
2 pairs of STDA33EU 4-point clamps
The acoustic aid makes adjustment easier when the screen is hidden
All-included: The system is fully pre-assembled so it can be put into service quickly
Pair of S110A7/P turn tables (included)
1 STDA161 steering wheel lock (included)
1 brake pedal arrestor (included)
Possibility to send test reports directly to the customer by e-mail
Possibility to add a photo with vehicle details to the print report

1 x Supplied

Package Includes: S110A7 Turnplates, SRDA131 Claws for VW & STDA143 Wheel Clamp Plastic Fingers