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Vario Drill WS90 with Variomatic (601010)

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Spot weld remover universal for all cars. Removes and opens spotwelds at the folds as well as seams and inside located panels. Special drive: slow engine speed = saves the life time of the drill bits. Torque: high torque = powerful for metal-cutting drilling.


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consisting of:_x000D_
1 x 601001 VARIO DRILL WS 90_x000D_
1 x 627020 VHM-drill bit Ø 8,0 x 44 mm, Z4_x000D_
1 x 627021 VHM-drill bit Ø 9,0 x 44 mm, Z4_x000D_
1 x 627022 VHM-drill bit Ø 10,0 x 44 mm, Z4