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VAS 6777A/3 | Stationary Media Supply – 932289

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ASE 40 65 83 80000 | 2 pcs.

Stationary Media Supply with hard rubber-reinforced, robust housing for space-saving compressed air and energy supply.

The Stationary Media Supply can be attached to any side of the workstation. This eliminates tripping hazards caused by cable drums, extension cables or compressed air hoses. The compressed air safety connection with pushbutton prevents the compressed air hose from being ejected when it is disconnected. The integrated overload protection protects the energy lamp from overheating and switches off automatically if necessary.

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Product information "VAS 6777A/3 | Stationary Media Supply"

4 × compressed air safety connection with push button
12 × socket | 230 V | CEE 7/3
2 × socket | 400 V | CEE 16 A

Net weight: 0.00
Gross weight: 17.50

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