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VAS 6777A/5 Visual Protection Curtain – 932270

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ASE 406 585 80 000

The curtain is suitable for both grinding and welding work. Uninvolved people are protected from dangerous radiation, welding arcs and from splashes.

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Product information “VAS 6777A/5 Visual Protection Curtain”
Heat protection and insulating curtain with special coating
Material: glass fabric with Alufix coating on one side
Material specification: DIN 1259
Weight per unit area: DIN EN 1212 7
Fire behavior: SeeBG / US Coastgard | MED/3.18a + MED/3.13 | IMO MSC.307(88)

Sight protection panel | Green
Material: Soft PVC | DIN EN ISO 25980

Dimensions: 12,10 m x 2,91 m
Note: The length of the privacy curtain may vary due to actual building conditions. The adjustment/configuration is made in 1m per unit.

Net weight: 0.00
Gross weight: 4.49

2 × welding protection curtain
82 × carabiner | 50 mm
82 × curtain rollers