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VAS 892 011 | Wet Separator – 932285

Item Number:


ASE 892 011 80000

Suitable for the extraction of explosive dusts, sticky or explosive dusts, titanium, aluminum or magnesium dusts and CFRP dusts, among others.

• additional on/off button next to liquid container
• flat slide as safety device
• drive unit easily replaceable by plug-in connection
• electrical components are UL-approved (conformity with North American safety requirements)

operating / display panel
• differential pressure display
• display negative pressure
• monitoring filling level
• hour counter blower | stand-by
• language selection: German, English, Spanish, French
• possibility of error evaluation – optical and/or acoustic

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Product information “VAS 892 011 | Wet Separator”
The suction medium is sucked into the wet separator through a suction connection. Air, dust particles and liquid swirl in the liquid container. The dust particles are wetted with the liquid and collect as sediment at the bottom of the container. Liquid carried by the transport air agglomerates on the moisture separator located in the suction air stream and drips off into the liquid container. Residual dust particles are then separated at the three dust class H filter cartridges.

Net weight: 0.00
Gross weight: 17.50

1x separator unit NA7-26
2x swivel castors with brake, 2 x swivel castors
1x accessories box
1x hose holder stainless steel, mounted on the right
1x additional equipment push handle
1x cable holder stainless steel, mounted
1x hose 5,0 m
1x curved hand tube
1x hand tube
1x industrial bottom mouthpiece
1x transition connection-A connection-B
1x crevice nozzle
1x 10 m power cable