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Welding Machine InvertaPuls IP7-2 ACT 3×400 V incl. Steel & Brazing Kit (332026)

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For MIG-MAG Welding and Steel Welding – approved by Honda and TESLA

This welding machine has a very simple, self-explanatory and intuitive operation – 2-button handling.

Equipped with a robust, industry-compliant, powder-coated sheet steel housing, 2x 4-roller drive with extra-large 37 mm drive rollers for a large welding wire drive support surface for optimum wire feed.

Ergonomic torch removal and narrow housing construction ensure efficient use in any body shop.

Optional with connection for PushPull hose package and front wheel spacer (item N° 337236) for the use of 2x 50 litre gas bottles.

Also available in 3x220V configuration – item N° 332026 (steel / brazing kit)  and 332027 (steel / ALU kit) 

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Product information “Welding Machine InvertaPuls IP7-2 ACT 3×400 V incl. Steel & Brazing Kit”
• welding programs for
MIG soldering (CuSi3, AlBz8, CuAl8), steel/stainless steel, aluminium, TIG (WIG), flux-cored wire and electrode welding
• automatic hose package recognition
• automatic “hold function” of the welding parameters
• storage of individual welding programs
• integrated USB interface for software update
• very good gap bridging
• less material distortion
• less heat input
• less rework
• higher welding speed

The machines fulfil the requirements for CE and S classification.

Certificatons: CE
Open-circuit voltage: 96V (MIG,TIG) / 72V (MMA)
Gross weight: 79.80
Power supply (Cu): 4×2,5 mm² (4×4 mm²)
Fuse: 16A (25A) träge, 16 A time-lag
Supply voltage: 3×400 V (3x200V)
Temperature range: -40…+80°C
Drahtgeschwindigkeit: 0,5-22 m/min.
Voltage range: 10-50 V / 0.1 step
Continuous output: 200 Amp / 24V
Working temperature: -10…+40°C
Packing unit: 1 Stück / pc.
Net weight: 62,000 kg
Lenght: 4 m (power cable), 10 m (power cord)
Draktvorschubrollen Ø: 37 mm
Efficiency: 85 %
LängexBreitexHöhe: 920x350x740 mm
Power factor: 0.75
Temperature class: H (180°C)
Protecton category: IP23
Minimum current in pulse welding: 25 A