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W&S C-Trafogun GT-V6 (474466)

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InverterSpot GT trafo-gun resistance spot welding

Trafo gun with Automatic function, process control and safety in all operations, electronically controlled measuring procedure, watercooling up to the tips.

Wide opening – important when spotweldign over profiles
1 single button operation

UL and CCC zertifiziert – availabale also in 200-240V version

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Product information “C-Trafogun GT-V6”
Developped under respect of the strengthened EU normes
Magnetic field exposure far below legal restraint
Up to date technology safety level
Solid and of robust construction
Electrode locking system with water-stop when changing arms
Wide range of electrode arms and accessories
Customs made parts available on demand

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Specifics: OEM Approval
Certificatons: CE
Net weight: 15.00, 17,500 kg
Lenght: 3 m (cable pack)
Welding current max.: 13 kA
Continuous operation: 2,8 kA
Open-circuit voltage: 12 V DC
Material: Steel, aluminium, copper, plastic
LängexBreitexHöhe: 600x100x320 mm
Working pressure: 6-8 bar / 90-120 psi
Electrode pressure max.: 6,2 kN
Supply voltage: 400 V
Welding current: DC
Setting ranges: 0 – 13 kVA

C-Trafozange 3 m mit C-Arm N° 1 inkl. E-Kappen Form A-32