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Celette Easy Dent 3000 – Complete – CEL.1118F-C-02 / ET-1118F-5

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CEL.1118F-C-02 / ET-1118F-5

Dual welding mode: AUTO & MANUAL.
In-built intelligence system to adjust welding parameters automatically.
Improved welding performance, less heat dissipation with more powerful pulling operation.


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Voltage/Phase 220V 1PH 60/50Hz
Weight 22Kg
Power 12KVA
Product Dimension 380x220x282(H)mm
Package Dimension 480x300x310(H)mm

CEL.QM064011-4C Slide Hammer 1
CEL.QM064001 Triangle Holder 1
CEL.QM061023 Big Triangle Washer 20
CEL.SR055000 Carbon Rod 2
CEL.EJ081000-2B M5 Tip 10
CEL.EG055050 Electrode For Tab 1
CEL.EJ092045 Tab Straight 50
CEL.EJ092050 Tab Twist 50
CEL.SE090200 Component Box 360X225X50MM 1
CEL.EH107520-1 Pulling Rod 1 Set
CEL.QM056000 Slide Hammer With 6 Hooks Claw 1
CEL.QM064155 Single Hook 1
CEL.QT074000-A2 Tab Shooter With 20 Pcs Tab 1
CEL.QM061320-1-1 H Puller With M5 Tip 1
CEL.ET-QM061150-3 Easy Puller 1
CEL.QM061170-2B Slide 1000 Puller With Double Feet With 4 Hooks Claw 1
CEL.QM061127-2B Slide 600 Puller With Single Foot 1
CEL.QM061550-B Slide Lever 600 With Hook 1
CEL.QM061611-B Slide Snap 300 With Single Foot 1
Trolley Trolley 1