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Mobile Vacuum System- Type Metal Fine Dust (881089)

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Standard Automobile Body Work Station | Dust Class M

Vacc system “steel”: Portable vacc system suitable for the collection of steel dust acc to classifacation “M” suitable for Zone 22.

  •  881089


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Product information “Mobile Vacuum System- Type Metal Fine Dust”
Important notice for fine dust of steel
• Chemical: Rust from steel + aluminum dust may produce heat.
• Chemical: Rust from steel + aluminum dust + strong ignition source can cause a thermite reaction that burns with a temperature of 2.400 °C and cannot become extinguished with water!
• Physical: Particles of steel may be static charged and deliver an ignition source even when the dust is cold.
• Physical: The hot steel sparks from grinding can deliver a perfect ignition source for the aluminum dust.

Physical: During a sandwich cut through aluminum and steel at the same time the explosive aluminum dust and the ignition source coming from hot steel sparks are produced during the same process!

Packing unit: 1, 1 Stück / pc.
Net weight: 121, 150.00, 150.00 kg
Certificatons: gem. 2006/42/EG
Gross weight: 132, 132,00 kg
LängexBreitexHöhe: 1150xc800x1500
Working pressure: Negative Pressure max.
Output: 2,2 kw
Frequency: 50 Hz
Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V

1 × Mobile industrial vacuum cleaner with black hood
filter class M | zone 22 | CE 400V 16A
1 × hose plastic Ø 50 mm | 5 m with Storz C coupling
1 × hose plastic Ø 40 mm | 5 m with Storz C coupling
1 × hose plastic Ø 50 mm | 5 m with pressure pin
1 × transition Ø 50 mm Storz C coupling to pressure pin
1 × bent hand tube Ø 50 mm
1 × hand tube stainless steel Ø 50 mm | 1 m
1 × floor nozzle cast aluminum body | 50 cm wide
1 × crevice nozzle | 30cm long
1 × holder suction arm