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VAS 821 003 | Premium Shielded Arc Welding Device – 932230

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ASE 821 003 80 000 – 3×400 V / ASE 821 003 80 023 – 3×200 V

The new premium shielded arc welding device VAS 821 003 is the best solution for car body repair shops:

• it enable to carry out expert-quality repairs on today’s vehicle bodies
• it can be used to perform steel and aluminum welding, as well as MIG soldering according to
Volkswagen standards
• the premium welding device feature tack-welding and intermittent fillet welding modes;
2- and 4-cycle operations can be chosen
• their wire feeds are equipped with four-roll drives to ensure evenly consistent wire feeding
• it is a safe investment for workshop operators – whenever new materials emerge that require
welding the necessary parameters for doing so can easily be added to the units via firmware updates.
• it is convenient to use and time-saving – their handling and operation are simple and intuitive
• changing their gas cylinders, coils and hose assemblies can be carried out quickly and easily.
• selected parameters, such as current and voltage, can be documented

Welding programs for:
• MIG-brazing
• Aluminium welding
• Stee l/ stainless steel
• Pulse and double pulse welding (2-cycle & 4-cycle)
• cored wire and electrode welding
• special welding parameters for thin steel (ACT mode)

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Product information “VAS 821 003 | Premium Shielded Arc Welding Device”
Device details:
• Automatic recognition of welding torch
• Automatic „Hold-function“ of welding parameters
• individual welding parameters can be stored
• USB interface for Software-Update
• small heat influx
• very good gap-bridging (gap-filling)
• small material distortion
• less rework
• higher welding speed
• robust industry standard powder coated steel plate sheet
• 2 x 4 – wire drive with extra-large wire rollers diameter 37 mm for better wire transport
• ergonomic torch holder
• bottle holder for 2 x 50 Liter gas bottles
• very easy, self-explaining, intuitive operation (2-bottons)
• slim housing therefore small space requirement
• easy servicing
• optional – PushPull torch up to 12 m long can be usedlong can be used

Certificatons: CE
Working temperature: -10…+40°C
Net weight: 74.00, 83.00, 62,000 kg
Voltage range: 10-50V / 0.1 step
Fuse: 16A träge
Open-circuit voltage: 96V (MIG,TIG)
Specifics: VW AG Freigabe
Temperature range: -40…+80°C
Drahtgeschwindigkeit: 0,5-22 m/min.
Continuous output: 200 Amp / 24V
Gross weight: 67,000 kg, 74.00
Packing unit: 1 Stück / pc.
Draktvorschubrollen Ø: 37 mm
Efficiency: 85 %
Power supply (Cu): 4×2,5 mm²
LängexBreitexHöhe: 920x350x740 mm
Supply voltage: 3x400V
Lenght: 10 m (power cord)
Power factor: 0.75
Temperature class: H (180°C)
Protecton category: IP23

1x Schweißanlage 400V inkl. Lenkrollen
1x 3G Stahl-Schlauchpaket 3m
1x Satz DV-Rollen für Stahlschweißen 0,6 / 0,8 mm
1x 3G ALU-Schlauchpaket 3m
1x Satz DV-Rollen für ALU-Schweißen 1,0 / 1,2 mm
1x Stromdüsen Set (VE 5x 10 Stück)
1x Gasflaschenaufnahme für 2x 20 Liter
1x Massekabel
2 x Manometer (nur DEU / AT)
1x Doppelabzweigventil (nur DEU / AT)
1x Bedienungsanleitung