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W&S Spot Weld Machine InvertaSpot GT-C AUTOMATIC (471002)

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Inverter Spot Welding Machine 400V

Build your own package with the InvertaSpot GT: Press & GO Spot welder with Inverter Technology – high quality.

Automatic function in standard-mode – Expert mode and manual mode for ambitious jobs –

tested and approved by:
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Jaguar Land Rover | GM | GMC | Opel | Vauxhall | Cadillac | Buick | Chevrolet | Ford | Peugeot | Citroën | Renault | Dacia | Tesla | Hyundai | Kia | Ferrari | Mazda

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Product information “Spot Weld Machine InvertaSpot GT-C AUTOMATIC”
Power unit + control board: The GT automatic recognizes and measures the sheet metal configuration automatically.
The parameters pressure-amperage-time are perfectly and automatically managed and regulated. Working in Automatic mode no need for manual settings.

Manuel Mode
Expert Mode
OEM programs
Self-programming via frontboard

HF-inverter-technology / 10.000Hz. welding current up to 13.000 A (on the job)

C-gun in compact design
Electrode arms versatile in use
Welding cable up to 5 m
Water cooling up to the tips
Magnet field exposure and stress far the norms (EU-Richtlinie 2004/40/CE, EN50505, EN62135-2:2007 und BGV V11/2001)
Welding data saved on SD card
Tracability up to 100.000 welds- paper print out

Simply, multi-lingual menu
Updates via SD card – via internet possible
Universal programs and professional programs

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Continuous output: 35 kVA
Net weight: 122,00 kg, 122.00
Flow volume: 5 l/min., 5l/min.
Power connection: L1+L2+L3+PE, L1xL2+L3+PE
Protecton category: IP 21, IP 20
Setting ranges: 0 -13 kA, 0-13 kA
Welding current: DC, AC
Electrode pressure max.: 6,2 kN
Tank capacity: 80 l
Temperature class: A
Power supply (Cu): 4×6 mm² / 10 mm
Fuse: 32 A
Leistung max. (5% ED): 156 kVA
Specifics: OEM Approval
Supply voltage: 3x400V
Open-circuit voltage: 12 V DC
Continuous operation: 2,8 kA
Frequency: 50-60 Hz (+/- 10%)
Welding current max.: 13 kA
Noise level: < 70 db(A) LängexBreitexHöhe: 810x560x750 mm Gross weight: 122,000 kg Lenght: 10 m (power cord) Working pressure: 6-8 bar Certificatons: CE, CE, UL, CCC

1x control unit cpl. 3x 400V
1x C trafo-gun 3 m incl. C-arm No. 1
1x balancer bar straight
1x balancer gibbet
1x balancer roller (cpl.)
1x spring balancer
1x isolation strap with snap-hock
1x set of allen key (4+5mm)
1x electrode cap A 32
1x c-arms rack
1x hook for harness
1x hook for power supply cable
1x wheel set
1x operation manual